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NWRA Delegated Credentialing Program

With approximately 1,200 physical, occupational and speech therapy providers, Northwest Rehab Alliance maintains compliance with national credentialing standards. Before joining NWRA, all providers must be credentialed per NCQA and URAC standards. Once their effective date with NWRA has started, all providers are required to be re-credentialed every 36 months.

Centralized credentialing for payers

By centralizing the credentialing process, Northwest Rehab Alliance is able to be both efficient and timely.   All payers contracted with NWRA have come to rely on our credentialing process, allowing them to expedite attaching clinics and providers to panels, which creates cost-saving measures for them. 

The end result of Northwest Rehab Alliance's credentialing program is a cleaner, more efficient process that serves all of its member's needs, and keeps the panel as current as possible and available to patients to meet payer needs. To inquire about becoming a member, please visit our contact page and fill out the form.

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