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NWRA Quality Improvement Programming

The occupational and physical therapy providers of Northwest Rehab Alliance use a single platform to ensure the best quality of care and patient outcomes. CareConnections online systems and tools are supplied to each and every member as part of their participation in the network.

CareConnections Clinical Practice Guidelines

The CareConnections Clinical Practice Guidelines serve as benchmarks for the managers and clinicians within the network when it comes to delivering evidence-based interventions within appropriate frequency and duration of care per diagnosis. By using these guidelines, they're able to institute models when it comes to evaluations, functional goals, care plans, treatment patterns and discharge criteria. This allows them to use proven methods of care for each diagnosis that is cost-effective and is of the highest quality.

CareConnections Outcome Monitoring

In order to monitor our clinics for quality of care the CareConnections Outcomes System is a simple, but effective means of gathering valuable clinical data. CareConnections is a leader in assisting clinicians in evaluating the status and ongoing condition of their patients from intake to discharge. Data points include a functional index, pain, work status and for subsequent visits a global rating of change metric. Management can access helpful reports by looking up data across multiple orientations, including diagnosis, risk-adjusted group, site of service and individual practitioner.

CareConnection Data for Customer Satisfaction Feedback

NWRA is able to ensure high-quality service through the use of the CareConnections Customer Satisfaction measurement program. This system uses a standardized survey to gather data that is used to assess the patients experience. Unlike other systems, NWRA's use of CareConnections goes beyond the customer's satisfaction with their clinical experience, it also collects feedback from the patient regarding their health plans benefits and customer service delivery. Information reportable to providers and payers from the CareConnections survey tool is a valuable resource for both payers and providers.

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