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NWRA, a therapy provider network in the Pacific Northwest

NWRA, a tri-state therapy provider network

Northwest Rehab Alliance (NWRA) seeks to connect payers and patients to a single network of private-practice therapy clinics.  With more than 330 locations across Oregon, Washington and parts of Idaho, our members provide access to superior outpatient rehabilitation services for a large portion of each state’s population. Our clinics meet a variety of needs, including physical therapy, occupational therapy, and in some cases speech language therapy.

NWRA provides caring outpatient rehabilitation services

Physicians, employers and health plans know that NWRA member clinics are passionate about providing care and successful rehabilitation to their patients. Our network of private practices treat everything from sports injuries to on the job injuries; acute conditions to chronic ailments; and neck and back pain to extremity complaints. Northwest Rehab Alliance offers services to those who are still recovering from the pain and discomfort that can result from an automobile accident or repetitive motion disorders. Patients who have undergone surgery will also find relief at the hands of NWRA therapists. Northwest Rehab Alliance enables patients to resume their lives, work and leisure activities by helping them to regain functional use of their bodies.  

Injury prevention education at NWRA

The best way to treat injuries is to prevent them before they happen. That’s why Northwest Rehab Alliance physical therapists and occupational therapists provide education on how to avoid musculoskeletal injury. Patients learn proper body mechanics, lifting techniques and motions to use during daily living activities and how to ergonomically perform tasks at work. Additionally, NWRA therapists show athletes how to maximize their endurance and boost physical strength. 

Ensuring better healthcare cost and value

When you walk into an NWRA member clinic, you will be treated with courtesy and professionalism. We regularly review each clinics facility for safety, convenience and accessibility. We also monitor patient feedback using satisfaction surveys and collection of clinical outcome data using the CareConnections outcomes platform. This is a part of Northwest Rehab Alliance's dedication to improving healthcare value and maintaining cost effectiveness. Each of our licensed clinicians is thoroughly vetted through a detailed credentialing process.  With a strong network of professional, knowledgeable physical and occupational therapists, you know you are accessing therapy from a provider that is qualified, efficient and delivers services in an appropriate environment that will meet your every need.