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Return to Work and Injury Prevention Services

Northwest Rehab Alliance understands that employers make a huge investment in their employees, their biggest asset. That’s why our therapists help employers to retain their employees and manage their workforce’s productivity by offering rehabilitation to those who have experienced workplace injuries.  Additionally, we help employers prevent job site injuries, which in turn can decrease medical claims, lost time and disability costs.

Workplace injury prevention

With Northwest Rehab Alliance, you will find a network for physical therapy and occupational therapy providers who can deliver an intrinsic part of your risk management program. We can motivate employees to regain their prior work status and again become productive members of your labor pool. Some of the services NWRA therapists can offer include ergonomic assessments, workstation evaluations, pre-placement screenings, physical and functional capacity evaluations and consultation on job descriptions. To decrease the incidence of injury both at the workplace and at home, we offer education on body mechanics and self-help training.

Health insurers and workers’ compensation carriers

NWRA works with many health insurers and workers’ compensation managed care organizations as well as self-insured employers. Request that your workers’ compensation carrier or benefits manager contact us about accessing our pool of knowledgeable therapists near your business today!

Contact Richard Katz at 800-219-8835 ext. 1101 in order to talk about structuring a set of services specific to your company’s needs.