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Contracting and Administrative Services for Independent Practitioners

Northwest Rehab Alliance is a not-for-profit independent practice association (IPA) in the states of Oregon, Washington and parts of Idaho. NWRA is a mutual benefit corporation owned by the physical therapy and occupational therapy professionals who make up our membership.

Tools for therapy provider success

By providing the tools to therapists to help them succeed in a dynamic contracted healthcare environment, Northwest Rehab Alliance enables them to remain independent in their practice. As a managed care organization, created for and by therapists, NWRA promotes therapy that is an efficient use of health plan resources and fair and equitable relationships with insurers and preferred provider organizations. We find solutions that work to serve the needs of both therapy providers and payers. Our capability to manage our own credentialing and provider network development functions assist in streamlining the relationship for both payer and provider

Becoming a Northwest Rehab Alliance member

The select group of physical therapy and occupational therapy providers who comprise Northwest Rehab Alliance collectively support our efforts through nominal ongoing monetary contributions and a dedication to quality management programs. These efforts include the network's credentialing, contracting, compliance and marketing administration and its continuous payer and provider relations support.

NWRA membership is by invitation only, but an invitation can be sought by calling our Oregon administrative office at 800-219-8835.