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Therapy providers can track patient success

The clinics and therapists of Northwest Rehab Alliance seek to be a valuable resource to all we serve; patients, referring physicians, employers and insurers. We schedule patients in a timely fashion whenever a doctor requests our services, even when the need for acute care or consultation arises. You can rely on us to have thorough evaluations that are followed by appropriate documentation. Throughout the course of care, we continue to follow the patient with regular progress reports and review their condition until discharge.

Ensuring patient care through physician resources

When physicians refer to Northwest Rehab Alliance network providers, they benefit from access to a broad-based  network to ensure their patients receive convenient care close to home or work. The physical therapy clinics and occupational therapy clinics, along with all our practicing therapists, exercise the highest level of ethical medical practice and pursue continuing education in order to ensure excellence in care and patient success.  

Health plan provider contractor

With Northwest Rehab Alliance (NWRA), you’ll be reassured that the patient’s benefits will usually be maximized because we are contracted providers with most healthcare insurers.  We coordinate care with the individual health plan benefits each patient presents, and can often find cost-effective solutions for patients with  plans we are not contracted to serve.

By referring to NWRA providers you can ensure that your patient is receiving the care you know  they deserve. Contact us today to find an NWRA provider to serve your patients.