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Northwest Rehab Alliance offers payers cost-effective care

With Northwest Rehab Alliance, you get a high-performance network of credentialed physical therapy and occupational therapy providers and clinics located throughout the states of Oregon, Washington and Idaho. Our quality management programs allow our member therapists and clinics to achieve cost-effective care and clinical success.

NWRA routinely monitors patient progress

The service programs within Northwest Rehab Alliance's network meet a range of patient care needs, from routine sprains and strains to intense post-op rehabilitation. Using the unique CareConnections quality management and outcome optimization online platform, NWRA monitors clinical status by gathering patient functional metrics and pain scale results, thus establishing criteria to measure patient success.  NWRA uses CareConnections written treatment guidelines for a variety of diagnoses to reduce variation in care, establish appropriate frequency and duration of therapy, and promote evidence-based interventions.

NWRA offers streamlined contracting for health plan payers

The contracts established by NWRA serve both carriers and providers and are designed to best serve covered patients. A single-source contract for both credentialed outpatient physical and occupational therapy care lowers administrative costs for payer credentialing, contracting and network development.  NWRA has established contracts to serve many HMO, PPO, ACO, CCO, MCO, Physician Groups, Physician IPAs, Insurer Health Plans, Workers Compensation Carriers and Self-Insured Employers.  NWRA has the ability to engage in a variety of payment structures to best meet the needs of any plan with therapy benefits, including fee-for-service, per diem, case rate, bundled payment and various forms of capitation.

Therapist network for health plan providers

Northwest Rehab Alliance's panel of providers is a core group of aligned clinics that provide a streamlined and easily-managed directory of physical therapy, occupational therapy, and speech therapy services within the major communities of Oregon, Washington and parts of Idaho. NWRA provides access through over 330 sites of service and by over 1200 therapy providers. Depending upon the needs of your health plans, NWRA can build upon our core panel of providers by extending our reach to additional delivery sources within the community to meet virtually any insured population's need for access to quality care. We enhance almost any benefits package by maximizing its value with cost-effective utilization and competitive pricing.

With Northwest Rehab Alliance, our payers benefit from efficacious care and additional support in the form of delegated credentialing, patient satisfaction and clinical outcome monitoring and ongoing network development. Additionally, our services allow for prior authorization or clinical advice to be disseminated using the online CareConnections quality management and outcome optimization platform. Our enrollees receive only the most appropriate care.

To initiate a contracted arrangement, contact the network’s Executive Director, Richard Katz, at 800-219-8835  Ext. 1101.  He can meet with you to determine how to best fulfill the needs of any health plan product.