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Administrative Services at NWRA

Northwest Rehab Alliance's administrative capabilities include providing a streamlined network for health plans, ACOs, CCOs, MCOs and self-insured employers to cost-effectively establish a broadly accessible panel of providers.  NWRA then supports its role with payers by continuing its administrative support to maintain the contract’s value to both payers and providers.

NWRA Administrative Services Save Money

Northwest Rehab Alliance is a single source for physical therapy and occupational therapy contracting in the states of Oregon, Washington and Idaho. As a one-stop-shop for a contracted panel of outpatient therapy providers, we can lower a health plan’s administrative costs by eliminating their needs to recruit, credential, negotiate and contract with providers.  Maintaining a relationship with NWRA saves health plans the costs of ongoing provider relations, maintenance of panel information, and streamlines completion and adherence to compliance programming. NWRA’s goal is to establish lasting relationships between its member clinics and the payers it serves.

Monthly NWRA provides panel demographic data and ongoing provider relations support to ensure health plan panel information is up-to-date and accurate.  Payers benefit through single source data-sourcing to enable batch entry of detailed information in a timely and consistent manner.  Compliance attestation evidence relevant to HIPAA and Fraud Waste and Abuse training can all be consolidated under an agreement with NWRA, further reducing health plan administrative expense.  Lastly, provider communication can be streamlined by using NWRA’s communication systems for health plans to disseminate provider communications to all locations at no expense to the health plan.  Important provider updates and announcements can be forwarded quickly and conveniently by using NWRA as the health plan’s communication conduit.

Meeting NCQA and URAC Credentialing

Northwest Rehab Alliance serves contracted managed care organizations by ensuring a high degree of network quality. Included is compliance with National Committee on Quality Assurance (NCQA) and URAC credentialing standards and maintaining a continuous quality improvement program (CQI). Northwest Rehab Alliance delivers and demonstrates quality through the collection of outcome data and reporting.  NWRA is a CareConnections network, with its member clinics employing a standardized functional outcome tool and a patient satisfaction survey to detect clinical efficacy as well as patient experience feedback.  NWRA can supply periodic quality metrics to health plans as important tools assessing the value of care paid for by plans.  NWRA members use the CareConnections Clinical Practice Guidelines as benchmarks for appropriate care.  By providing access, cost containment, and producing positive patient outcomes, NWRA provides value to the payers and employers we serve.

Engaging the Value of NWRA

Northwest Rehab Alliance establishes provider contracts through fair and reasonable pricing strategies. Our administrative ability to assume "at risk" contracts such as capitated and risk withhold fee-for-service agreements can be of benefit to payers, but we are also on the cutting edge of alternative payment model constructions, that include per diem fee rates, case rates, and bundled payment models for episodic care.  In short, Northwest Rehab Alliance can develop a proposal that can provide cost containment combined with a pricing model that will best serve the needs of our clients and their patients.

Contact Executive Director Rich Katz to discuss what your health plan needs to succeed in delivering care through a high performance network of dedicated therapy providers focused on being part of the solution.

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